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Pets of the Homeless

Pets of the Homeless

We aim to help best friends EVERYWHERE.

Every year everyone in the world gets ready for the holidays. It doesn’t matter what you celebrate, this time of year is always about giving!

Pets of the Homeless is a non-profit that benefits the homeless and their pets in the U.S. They provide food, blankets, collars, leashes and other necessary care for those in need. People need animals and much as animals need people and togther, homeless or not, they provide the love and support each needs to get through life.

Sydnee’s has teamed up with Pets of the Homeless and has become a donation site to make sure we and our community, do our part to help out.

Please take time this holiday to come in to any of our locations and donate anything toward the cause. Whether it be a dollar or food, anything helps!

Pets of the homeless

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