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Paw it Forward

Paw it Forward

We love to create community events for animal organizations!

Our commitment and care for our 4-legged friends (and their human counterparts) has taken shape in our quarterly fundraiser & awareness campaigns and events.

It isn't easy for animal advocates out there. It takes a lot of support from a lot of people to help make a real difference. That's why we've decided to take active steps to help our communities understand what they can do to help. Every time we work with an animal organization, we're inspired by their drive to do everything in their power to rescue an animal, nurture them to health, or make sure they are fed. 

Sydnee’s has teamed up with organizations such as Pets of the Homeless, AniMeals, Second Chance Dog Rescue, Helen Woodward Animal Center,  and more. 

If you have an idea about an organization that needs support, please reach out to us!

Join us for our next event! 


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