5 Reasons to Own a Pet Franchise with Confidence


When you choose to own a franchise versus start your own business or stay an employee, you’ll quickly learn there are many benefits to the franchise. As a pet franchise owner, you’re not only heading down a path to financial success, you’re going to be part of a business that you really love. That’s worth getting out of bed every morning. If you imagine yourself in a job that you absolutely love with a better work-life balance, a pet franchise is the type of business you should own.

It’s a Beloved Passion

Normally, when a person starts a business, they are trying to balance the ability to make money with tasks they won’t hate. They might not love everything about the business. For example, a bookkeeper might not love to market herself, or a shop owner might not like to deal with their accounting duties. With a pet business, there’s something to love in every aspect of the business. When you love animals, you’re happy to be in the business, and a franchise makes the behind-the-scenes much easier to deal with compared to a business that isn’t a franchise.

The Business is Already a Success

A pet franchise has other advantages too. The new franchise owner will be able to build upon the success of the franchise, which has been around for years. There might be a slight struggle to gain traction in a new location, but the franchise has a proven track record of success with the business already. You don’t have to worry that the business model might fail. Your potential customers will have already heard of your franchise when you open the doors. The pet business is booming too. There are millions of households around the world with beloved pets that can use the services or products you want to offer them.

Avoids Risk Associated with a New Venture

With a new business, there’s always the potential for failure. In some industries, a business is more likely to fail than it is to flourish. For example, 80 percent of restaurants that open their doors in any city will close within 5 years. This can be daunting for new business owners when they start their venture. With a franchise, you’re less likely to fail. You have much better chance of success than you would with a startup business. The proven track record of the brand is what will keep you from closing your doors. They provide everything you need to accomplish your goals.

Learning from a Mentor

The franchise seller won’t disappear once you’ve purchased your franchise. You’re buying to brand and the name, but you’re also buying the procedures and support of the franchise owner too. There should be training opportunities, marketing advice that you can draw upon and hiring procedures to mimic within the franchise. A strong company that wants to succeed will be a good foundation for you to build your business on, and see a great chance of reward and accomplishment.

Help the Franchisor Provides:

More Control Over Your Future
• Franchisee Training
• Management Training
• Recruitment Procedures
• Marketing Guidance
• Sales Procedures for the Staff and the Franchisee
• Health and Safety Guidelines
• Social Media
• Website

Working for an employer means that at a certain point, you’ll have advanced as far as you can within that company. You’ll need to switch jobs or be content with your standing. In your own franchise, you have unlimited potential for income. You can open another pet business after the success of the first. You’re also able to decide how much you’ll invest of yourself into the business and when you’d like to take some time for your family and yourself. Being the boss means that you can make arrangements to take time off when you need it.

When you pay for a franchise, you might not have the experience or skills to start a business on your own. With a franchise in the pet industry, you’re getting the expertise of the franchise owner who has a proven brand meant to skyrocket you to success. They’ll provide everything you need to have confidence in the franchise business as well as confidence in yourself to be able to accomplish all that’s needed for the business.

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