Add-on day!

Come now! And enjoy our amazing add-ons.

Fur Accessories: We offer an assortment of bright colors to choose from to add color to your pet’s fashion and style!
Hot Oil: Our all-natural moisturizers for your pet’s skin will leave their fur feeling soft and shiny. It also helps alleviate itching and dryness.
Teeth Brushing: Regular teeth brushing helps to keep your pet’s mouth clean, healthy, and their breath smelling fresh.
Flea Bath: Our flea bath kill fleas and relieves itching caused by flea bites.
Medicated Shampoo: Our medicated shampoos and de-matting services help relieve itching and heal dry, irritated skin from hot spots and allergies.
De-matting: Help your furry friend get rid of those annoying matts.

The Proceeds will go to The Helen Woodward Animal Center

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